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Thanks for stopping by, I’m the guy who lurks behind the scenes of We Love Kitchen Knives, yes that’s my ugly mug on the right hand side.

I starting my culinary journey at an early age, my father was a professional Chef and I spent many years as a child following him around the kitchen. When I left school I decided to follow my father into the culinary world and signed up for a culinary course at my local collage. Later I worked in various kitchens around the United Kingdom and even the U.A.E.

…Fast-forward 18 years:

I decided to set up a website after a friend and colleague of mine suggested I give it a try. I hope to share some knowledge I have gained over the years on various kitchen knives, sharpening techniques, kitchen accessories, random ramblings, as well as a few reviews thrown into the mix.

You can join me over at my Facebook page, reach out to me via my Contact page, or you can sit back and watch some videos I’ve uploaded over at my YouTube page.


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